Our firm works to assist individuals and businesses worldwide to recover unclaimed property. Over the years we have recovered over $100,000,000 for our clients.
Our reputation is paramount to our success. We have been in business since 1987. We have no unresolved complaints against our firm and we have thousands of satisfied clients.

We also strongly believe in our corporate social responsibility to give back to the environment, and that is why we proudly donate 1% of our proceeds to help save our planet.

Our Staff

John F. Costello

C.P.A., P.A.

Victoria Leslie


Phone: (561) 391-6444 or Toll Free Ext. 118

Sharon Kelly

Office Manager/Claims Processor

Phone: (561) 600-1416 or

Toll Free Ext. 111

Tammy Johnson

Claims Processor

Phone: (561) 600-1314 or

Toll Free Ext. 110

Agustina Ferrada

Claims Processor

Nicholas Johnson

Claims Processor

Phone: (561) 600-1369 or

Toll Free Ext. 108

George Guevara

Probate & Estate Specialist

Phone: (561) 572-9697 or

Toll Free Ext. 101

Nate Feldman

Account Researcher

Phone: (561) 880-4934 or

Toll Free Ext. 103

Connie Costello

Probate and Estate Specialist

Phone: (561) 503-2631 or

Toll Free Ext. 102

Vicki Stewart

Account Researcher

Phone: (561) 292-5280 or

Toll Free Ext. 107

Thomas Leslie

Account Researcher

Phone: (561) 600-1459 or

Toll Free Ext. 106

Shavanya Staples

Account Locator

Phone: (561) 600-1316 or

Toll Free Ext. 121

Windsy Pascal

Account Locator

Phone: (561) 600-1446 or

Toll Free Ext. 120

Leslie Castillo

Account Locator

Phone: (561) 600-1364 or

Toll Free Ext. 104

Eric Castillo

Account Locator

Phone: (561) 292-5217 or

Toll Free Ext. 109

Anthony Sanchez

Account Locator

Phone: (561) 600-1418 or

Toll Free Ext. 119

Cherdrena Marshall

Account Locator

Phone: (561) 424-6382 or

Toll Free Ext. 116

Locators Not Pictured:

Alex S.                Phone: (561) 600-1451 or

Account Locator     Toll Free Ext. 115

Alejandro E.      Phone: (561) 600-1453

Account Locator     Toll Free Ext. 117

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