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Wills & Trusts

Our team will research Wills within courts nationwide to determine the rightful beneficiaries of the decedent's unclaimed funds. We work with beneficiaries and Trustees as well as attorneys and legal assistants to recover Trust documents and statements.

Unclaimed Property Recovery

Our team works directly with the State of Florida and direct sources of such assets to help recover accounts being held dormant or unclaimed. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our profession and strive to uphold our reputation.

Probates & Estates

Our probate team will provide estate reconciliation to assist the rightful heirs in claiming their portion of the decendent's unclaimed funds. We work with clients worldwide to settle estates throughout the nation.


Thank you for all your efforts in finding and retrieving these funds for me. It was pleasant and painless! You and your company made this whole process seamless. It was actually a pleasure to deal with you! I never trusted some one that told me that I had money coming out of the blue, and your gained my trust. For anyone doubting your process, you may show them this letter!

William B

Firstly, my gratitude to you and your firm for informing me about this unrecovered funds. I had the opportunity to speak to Efrain; I have not come across many individuals that represent companies like him…Thanking you sincerely again for locating and informing me of your unusual service. May your firm continue to always be prosperous

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me regarding the money that was my husbands from Met Life. I would never have known about it being held by the state. I received my check on saturday…I must tell you that upon receipt of your original letter I thought it was a scam, but you did not ask for any money up front. I called an old P1 friend to investigate your company. When the report came back that you were legitimate, I contacted you, and I am glad I did.

Ashmeen B

Mabel M



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